How I Embraced ESL Gymnastics

As I near the ending of my first year at Western and my internship, I have discovered that the most important skill to learn is the art of balance. I have been feeling like I am on a beam, juggling the various responsibilities, deadlines, and pressures of school versus personal life. Part of my learning experience involved how to effectively work on my internship duties while keeping on top of schoolwork.

The two best secret weapons for me against losing my balance: consistent lesson planning and scheduling.

For my ESL lessons, I use Power Point. I share my screen with the Eagles on Zoom and go through worksheets and activities while looking at the slideshow. It is important to come prepared to each lesson with more than enough material that you can get through in the time allotted. It takes me about two to three hours to design each lesson plan and transfer the worksheets from physical copies of books to online. Formatting, editing, and all of the fun technical challenges caused me to put way more hours into the ESL lessons at the beginning of my internship.


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